I forgif you

... okay, so far for translatability and the impossibility to translate and wha'ever, but how else should I render "Ich Fergebe Dir" ("forgive" is "vergebe", so there is an intentional misspelling, which denotes the word as written by someone with, probably, a background of migration) in English? See? Anyhow, Bulgarian-born artist Michail Michailov has created a special, shall we call it a "roof painting" for a roof near St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna's first district.

Tricky detail: the roof painting can only be seen from the South Tower of the cathedral itself. If you want so see for your own, you can join a guided excursion (the artist will be present) which departs on the 4th floor of Das Weisse Haus this coming Saturday at 2.30 pm).

Btw, I first discovered Michailov's work in the context of an exhibition hosted by Essl Foundation - and liked it from the very beginning...

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