Romy Schneider (just a carpet, no knitwear)

... while others (adorable: Blica) establish an interesting link between knitwear and Romy Schneider, my boyfriend brought to my attention the first sentence of a review published by the *very* notable German weekly Die Zeit about a recently screened tv-production about her life:

Dieses Land ist nie auf einen grünen Zweig gekommen mit den drei größten Kinostars, die es hervorgebracht hat: Marlene Dietrich, Hildegard Knef und Romy Schneider.

Meaning, literally, that Romy S., alongside Marlene Dietrich and Hildegard Knef is one of the biggest stars "this country" (Germany) ever gave to the world...??? hummm...

Well, and I must now quite simply ask all of you - maybe regardless of the fact that she was, given that she was born in Vienna in 1938 and therefore received the German citizenship -, but was she not quite simply the greatest cinema actress that Austria ever gave to the big screen??? Or, unbelievably, is Romy a German actress... And what then, a Bavarian, or one from Berlin, from Hamburg? Apart from the fact that really, she belongs to Paris. Is she not actually a clear case of ParisVienne? So what then ... ...

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