Replay Loves Public Art?

... some days ago the Replay Loves Art project realised in collaboration with the Fondazione Claudio Buziol reached its second chapter with a new artwork by Sébastien Lallemand exposed on the façade of Ca' Rezzonico (in Venice) which is currently under construction. Since I've been wondering for a while whether and in what way fashion as an applied art and public space could be brought together under the roof of Public Art (a thought I'm still pursuing, as it doesn't really seem to have led me anywhere precise, but yet... I'm not giving up!), this is at least a project sponsored by a fashion company involving art that is, in a way, to be considered as public art (albeit a not very revolutionary one, with the temporary exhibition of artworks on a façade being somehow very conventional) and which is transformed into a fashion item after it has reached the end of its lifetime (the plastic cover is removed after the end of an exhibition chapter and turned into bags). Not uninteresting, the whole thing, and yet, not really knocking off my socks either...

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