Public Art, where willst thou go...

... okay, so basically, forget everything I said about the Replay project in Venice as a contribution to Public Art - I mean, of course - SOMEHOW it is an example of Public Art, but really, it isn't. Just as little as any other MARKETING-BASED strategy to PERVERT the aims and functionings of communication guerilla.

That's really not what it should be about, and initiatives of the kind only serve to promote a brand and do not contribute to the discourse of art in public spaces. No?

Most recent and TOTALLY ABSURD example - the Mini (yes, the car) designed (or should I rather say: DECORATED) by "street artist" Craig "KR" Costello "Krink". Apart from the fact that a press release stating that the car as such contributes to the aesthetic quality and character of public space (I mean: HELLO?) is a rather typical example of the bizarrely poetic verve we find in many a PR and marketing office, Mr. KR Krink has himself found a totally absurd way of converting the symbolic capital he accumulated as a street artist into hard $$$ €€€ ¥¥¥ - by launching a line of ART SUPPLIES with all kinds of applicators and markers and such.

I mean, if we think we have to discuss Banksy's activity as a gallery artist, then what's that. And, sorry, but - the car isn't even "nice to look at" (which could have been some kind of positive result). So, really...

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