Guerilla gardening?

... and on we go with the Public Art thingy. I had to stick this image together as some kind of bricolage-panorama... Sorry for that, but with my camera... Anyhow, someone draw and wrote and sprayed "Dies könnte ein Garten sein" (This Could Be A Garden) on a parking lot somewhere near my place in Vienna. Really nice.

It also reminded me of an image I used to illustrate an article about "Les déboulonneurs" in France. Their main point is that advertisements in public space should be limited to a maximum billboard size of 50 x 70 cm. Mini mini, no? And there was this billboard with "ICI, UN ARBRE" (A tree, here) sprayed all over it. Sadly, I can't find it any more. But the point is quite similar. Do we need all those parking lots, and billboards, and stuff? I'm actually REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO GOING TO SAO PAULO in January and seeing with my own eyes what it's gonna be like there, without billboards.

Is it gonna be like "Delete" by the Viennese artist duo Steinbrener Dempf? Or totally different? I'll keep you posted...

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Fr.Jona&son a dit…

Funny coincidence:
You write about guerilla gardening and I am ooccupied by that issue, too.
This week I will start
printing Guerilla Gardening Shirts, no joke!

daniel_k a dit…

to prepare for the warm season, no doubt? ;)

Brandy Shaloo a dit…

I'm sick of billboards. But as usual the US is worst in this point. They have billboards EVERYWHERE! You're driving on a street in the middle of nowhere, no town in sight, no other cars, there's really nothing except for the billboards with some bright smiling persons on them who want to sell you real estate or car insurance!

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