Paris Montparnasse

... what I so like about Paris (and, surprisingly, also Tokyo, which is far from being a 100 % super modern hi-tec cosmos, actually) - is that you can still come across some futuristic structures dating way back, which gives them some kind of Barbarella outdated utopia feeling. This starts with the centre Pompidou, in a way, and gos on to residential buildings at the Place des Fêtes, the Charles de Gaulle airport, and so on and so forth.

Gare Montparnasse is definitely a great territory, too. I realised this when I recently went there to have a look at the really fantastic "Accessoires et objets. Témoignages de la vie de femmes 1940 - 1944" exhibition put together by the Musée Galliera in collaboration with the Musée Jean Moulin.

Quite an impressive show, indeed. Should you want to read more about it, try this (German language...)...

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