George Clooney: from Nespresso to Tchibo...???

... all too vivid are my associations with George Clooney's involvement with Nespresso, since I was in charge of handling their two-million-printrun-seven-languages corporate magazine at some point and that was really something, believe you me.

Anyhow, George seems to know no limits where it comes to his commitment to coffee makers and/or distributers, since he has now agreed to dedicate his creative energy (or his assistant's creative energy, more likely) to designing a t-shirt collection or a one-off item, whatever, for Tchibo.

The collection features designs by Georgey, Wolfgang Joop (who I met just two days ago...), Donna Karan, Coldplay, Giorgio Armani and Phil Collins and is available in stores now (or very soon). The initiative benefits the Whatever It Takes charity. Well, then... Merry Christmas???...

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