Vienna alla milanese

Tom Rebl meets Dolce & Gabbana as well as Dsquared

... hello there. Bon. I took a little decision. This one-language posting in French seems to lead not exactly where it was supposed to. I shall therefore try something new, something else. Because, whatever, there will still be some Frenchy touchy to the whole thingy.

So, yesterday was the third (that correct?) day of MQ Vienna Fashion Week, and it brought an unpleasant encounter (whose details I cannot disclose but believe me - something REALLY UNPLEASANT happened to me) as well as some really fantastic shows. As other bloggers and specialists have already left their comments...

... I can muse about the Milan menswear look with all them briefs and sexy trunks and whatever. Males in the nude, what a thrill? Tom Rebl came and Vienna turned into a sequin-and-stiletto lovin' gay friendly fashion capital. As easy as that?

Un mot pour les francophones : je sais, enfin, cela paraît un peu bizarre, puisque c'est VIENNEPARIS et non pas, VIENNALONDON ou quoi que ce soit, mais j'avais envie d'agrandir un peu le cercle de mes lecteurs potentiels. Petites notes en français à subsister, c'est promis ...

images by Jürgen Hammerschmid and via Style.com

2 commentaires:

Fr.Jona&son a dit…

r, i am so happy about your english!
and- what´s your opinion about mq fashionweek?

daniel_k a dit…

mmmmh. bemüht.

yet another little fragment of the big Viennese fashion picture

oder so.

befremdlich: ohne gerkänktheiten auf allen möglichen seiten scheint es nicht zu gehen ...

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