Semaine de la mode à Paris

Awareness & Consciousness best of selection for spring 2010 presented in Paris

... Paris Paris... despite Vienna Fashion Week (I think I've seen just about enough of that by now) and soooo many other things to do (... ahum?), I should actually and seriously busy myself with making plans for Paris fashion week.

En ce qui concerne les showrooms: apart from visiting my Austrian designer friends of course, I would die to squeeze in a showroom visit @ Trosman from Buenos Aires.

Speaking about showrooms: Christiane Gruber just sent me the address where she will be presenting Awareness & Consciousness spring 2010:

36-38 rue Charlot 75003 Paris 3–8 October 11h–20h (last day 11h-14h) Door code: 3B19 Metro: Filles du Calvaire/St-Sébastien Froissart

And I don't even know what shows I will get to attend as the invitations will be sent to my Paris address directly.

always a good go-to if you wanna know all about Austrian fashion in Paris: the Austrian Fashion Guide

As I said: fashion is a hard business...

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