just in: Sonia Rykiel for H&M

... la star de la mode parisienne, Sonia Rykiel, a designer intricately associated with Rive Gauche Parisian chic, is the next designer to collaborate with Swedish retailing giant H&M.
Andy Warhol photographed SR in 1986 - she is a real Paris intellectual, she is...

While the world is still eagerly awaiting Jimmy Choo's shoes (I am not, actually, but you know...), Rykiel was confirmed as the next géant de la mode to be part of the H&M designer rotation that kicked off with Mr KL himself.
not by, but for Sonia Rykiel during the anniversary show last season, a SR tribute by Margiela

Not that it was the first collaboration thingy of the kind, mind you, it's just really the first one to take on such massive dimensions and persist for such a long time with an ever changing personnel.

Btw, young designers invited to design for Topshop or the likes are far from being well-paid. It's exploitation everywhere.

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