CLEAN and neat

... I've always been a great fan of the outstandingly beautiful packaging of KAISER BORAX soap powder (I just learned that the brand has existed for various decades and was bought by Henkel in the early 1980s...) even though I never really knew how to use it and where and when. Whatever. Right, and then there's the equally wonderfully beautiful Acqua di Parma (part of the cosmetics division of the luxury giant Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, the brand was taken over after it had been relaunched by a team involving no other than Diego della Valle in the 1990s...) soap powder, and I thought, I might actually just photograph the two of them together cos - if I don't know what to do with Borax, Acqua di Parma sapone in polvere leaves me quite clueless, too ...

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