"Ick bin ne Jute" by Encode Fashion as shown on Facebook

... goodness gracious me, you wouldn't think that 2011 started in a very productive manner on PARISVIENNE, would you? But let me assure you: I've been so busy in my new old new job that blogging on top of that was OUT OF THE QUESTION. However, it's hard to resist one's urges, always, totally. When I went to BERLIN last week (and even though this was a fashion-related trip it wasn't for fashion week, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???), I came across this really funny, ever so BERLINERISCH shopping bag which reads "ICK BIN NE JUTE". To understand the joke, you should be familiar with the way people from Berlin speak German.

Even though it's always a bit tiresome to explain a PUN, here we go, roughly: "gute" (good one) is pronounced "jute" in Berlin, meaning that "Ick bin ne Jute" can mean "I'm a good one" as well as "I'm made of jute". Hahahaha! No? Yes!

the affordable Birkin bag

What's more, when my colleague Betrice recently came across this Birkin-bag-on-shopper thingy, which is called "All Together Now" and was created by the fashion label Thursday Friday - Beatrice pointed out that this was a REVERSE SNOBISM phenomenon (and Maria seemed to love the expression ...), I remembered the giveaway distributed on Rendez-Vous in Paris some seasons ago, a cotton shopper with a 2.55 printed on it, not to bad either, huh?

a Rendez-Vous giveaway from what feels like ages ago

Even though I'm to weak by now to translate this into French and Italian, wouldn't this be perfect for plastic-bag-less Italy? It would, I'm sure about that ...

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