OF CATFIGHTS and chocolate candy

a catfight, or should I say, THE ultimate catfight of
Alexis and Krystle (the name alone!) in the Dynasty "Reunion" series.
Best thing: this even involves fashion!!!

... with great interest I heard the news that Joan Collins will be the new "face" of the Snickers chocolate bar. Where Mr. T reached out to the community of Snickers snackers until recently, Joan "Alexis" Collins will do her best soon. So let me express my feeble hope that the Snickers commercial which she is supposed to star in will feature a chocolate candy catfight (that's what what everyone was waiting for when they had dinner & Dynasty back in the 80s, right? I was even allowed to stay up longer when the Denver Clan was on) ...

Mrs. Collins will hardly have to reach out to snackers
quite as aggressively as Mr. T does, will she?

... alors ça : le Daily Mail britannique a annoncé que Joan "Alexis" Collins est la prochaine star qui fera venir l'eau à la bouche de ses fans en essayant de leur vendre la barre de chocolat Snickers. Eh ben ouais. En vieux partisan de Dynastie (d'accord, j'étais encore très très jeune quand cela passait à la télé mais on me permettait tout de même de rester éveillé jusqu'à très tard à ces occasions-là), j'espère que la pub sera imbibée de l'esprit de la légendaire série télévisée Dynastie - peut-être même qu'il y aura une des bagarres attendues avec tant d'impatience par les fans de la série. Allez, les cacahuètes ...

edit: the German agency that co-produced the spot just leaked the German version (I guess that's not what Snickers originally intended, because the brand is definitely saving this for Super Bowl, right?)

just out - the German version of the commercial feat. Mrs Collins

do we have to expect something along these lines? after all, Collins is a real diva too...

really "sweet" - Betty White playing football

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