GROUP SHOW Vienna in Paris

watch out for the Austrian Fashion Showcase from September 3-6
in Paris, Première Classe, Porte-de-Versailles

... the first few days of September (3 to 6, to be exact) will see a remarkable initiative materializing on the Porte-de-Versailles edition of Première Classe in Paris: for the first time, an "Austrian Fashion Showcase" brings together a total of 17 accessory labels with the aim to attract the attention of fashion buyers through such a collective effort. Congratulations from me, and I would really like to hope that the organising team around Camille Boyer will see their venture crowned by success.
Quite fascinating, too, that the Austrian Fashion Showcase was put together by Camille and her partner Marlene Agreiter who have equally taken over the organisation of Vienna's "Kooperationsbörse-event (which brings together designers and production facilities).
And isn't it impressive in how little time they made this possible, which is all the more interesting as no other institution has succeeded in putting together (or effectively tried to do so, and I'm not talking about initiatives taken by designers in their own right) a comparable B2B-event reaching out beyond the boarders of Austria up until today. But let's not look back, let's look ahead, that's always the best thing to do I guess, and so I'd like to wish everyone involved with that Austrian Fashion Showcase, designers as well as organisers, the best of luck ...

accessory design by "local hero" Michaela Buerger will be on show

... il ne manque que peu de jours jusqu'à l'ouverture de la prochaine édition du salon PREMIERE CLASSE à Paris, Porte de Versailles, et voilà que nous attend, enfin : vous attend (car moi, je suis bien au courant, et depuis longtemps déjà ...), une belle surprise. C'est l'apparition de 18 marques de mode et d'accessoire autrichiennes dans le cadre d'un AUSTRIAN FASHION SHOWCASE organisé par Camille Boyer et Marlene Agreiter. Les deux sont donc un duo tout à fait impressionnant, et elles s'avèrent toujours plus importantes pour la scène locale puisqu'elles ont aussi pris en main la gestion d'un événement annuel ou des créateurs de mode rencontrent des sites de production. Effectivement, je trouve assez remarquable en combien peu de temps les deux se sont imposées avec des concepts si utiles ...

did you know that Anna Aichinger does accessories?

... tra qualche giorno aprirà le sue porte il salone Première Classe a Parigi, Porte de Versaille - e, per la prima volta, si vedrà l'apparizione rimarchevole dell'iniziativa AUSTRIAN FASHION SHOWCASE che comprenderà un totale di 18 marchi dell'ambito della moda viennese/austriaca. La presentazione collettiva è stata organizzata da Camille Boyer e Marlene Agreiter, a chi auguro un grande successo per questo evento. Secondo me, Camille e Marlene stanno diventando sempre più importanti per la realizzazione di progetti notevoli e utili per i designer con base a Vienna, siccome, eh sì, hanno anche preso in mano l'organizzazione della cosiddetta Kooperationsbörse, cioè una piattaforma dove i designer locali s'incontrano con aziende di produzione locali ...

also on show: accessory design by Hartmann Nordenholz
all images courtesy of Austrian Fashion Showcase / catalogue

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