... when I did research for the slightly unconventional topic "jewellery made from recycled food-related objects" (think ring pulls, crown caps, gold foil, portioned coffee capsules), I came across the work of Austrian designer Carin Fürst.

I must say, within the range of recycling-jewellery, where the boundary between beauty and blatant DIY style is all too narrow, Carin's work is quite outstanding.

Even though I'm not a grat fan of Nespresso's capsule concept, what Carin makes of the capsules is simply amazing.

When I talked to her, Carin pointed out that sometimes her customers will not immediately recognize the material she used to make a certain piece of jewellery: the ensuing guessing and pondering over possible raw materials is definitely the extremest case of successful recycling-based design.

Also nice: the gold beads for which she uses Ferrero Rocher foil, preferably. And the colourful long beads made from Zotter chocolate wrapping paper. All in all, absolutely a good find. Check out her website for points of sale...

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