... when I was looking around and trying to figure out who to use for my next doppelganger posting, it did surprise me that the first person I thought of when I came across this image of Priscilla Presley was, well, her late husband Elvis. I mean, what a tragedy - this has got nothing to do with the people who try to turn themselves into cats or Barbies using plastic surgery, this woman obviously interiorized her grief and sorrow and is now, in a somewhat creepy manner, gradually turning into the man she used to love.

Alternative theory: is Priscilla of 2010 in fact Elvis? Are all the rumours about him being alive still actually and incredibly true?

But whatever happened to Baby Priscilla, then...

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parisvienne knows how to make me die laughing..yeah, this rocks. and I love it rockin` ;-)

daniel_k a dit…

great to hear that. stay tuned for future doppelgangers. I've been working hard ;)