... yesterday I attendted the opening of the exhibition FEMININE FIFTIES at wagner:werk in the beautiful Postsparkasse building on Georg-Coch-Platz in Vienna's first district, one of the city's architectural landmarks designed by Otto Wagner himself.

from Africa to poodle-frenzy: 1950s reading

As a big fan of 1950 collectibles, I was quite looking forward to the exhibition. Even though, at the end of the day, I didn't get to see anything I wouldn't when browsing through various thrift and second-hand stores.

cherries and skincare

Anyhow, the opening was also animated by the appearance of special guest star Conny Froboess, a true 1950s relict, so to say.

a petite woman: Conny Froboess had come from Munich, and remained unheard

The only problem: sound technicians and microphones weren't exactly best friends, so most of the speakers' voices lost themselves somewhere in the spheres of the building.

feminine fifties fashion... so Lena Hoschek, in a way!

Unfortunately, by the time Mrs Froboess started talking, the greater part of the audience had taken to beverage and "cheese-hedgehog" hunting. A pity, really, and such a rude overall behaviour that I do actually think I had rarerly witnessed anything as impolite and disrespectful before - in an exhibition opening context, goes without saying...

a boudoiresque pick'n'mix - a fifties arrangement for Alexis Carrington's precursor

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