TIMELESS, not beastly

Timelessly beautiful and absolutely not a beast, wouldn't you agree?

... I mean, no comment, really. Hardly any comment necessary at all. Joan Collins' very own cosmetics range? Irresistible. She's so versatile, right? One moment she sells you a chocolate bar, immediately afterwards it's her own beauty collection... 

So convincing! I'm only wondering - what happens to her mouth when she has to say the word "skincare" for the first time after approximately five seconds? I wouldn't exactly interpret that expression as joy and glee. But then again, who cares...?

So, are we surprised that she has "always done my own makeup for films and photo shoots" (see the little video I posted above)? Well, I am not, quite frankly. Do we believe her? We do believe her every single word. After all she pretty well is Alexis Morell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan, isn't she? 

via Dynasty Wiki

Bathing in champagne and scrubbing her luxurious body with pearls of caviar, always plotting against someone totally innocent. That's how we were brought up to imagine her (us, fashion editors growing up in the 80s that is). Alexis, not Joan of course, but is there really any significant difference? 


Lovely, lovely, lovely. And just look at that marvellous nail polish, sorry, "lacquer", in the tiny little bottle that looks like a very corporate very high skyscraper in Denver. Isn't it adorable? Never mind the quality of the product contained therein, I'd almost be tempted to say. Were I not grasping for breath after hearing Mrs Collins state, in the video promoting her "Timeless Beauty" line on sale via QVC: "I believe that looking good and feeling great is the right of every woman. Because beauty is timeless." And so it is and shall forever be ...

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