GAGA's wig GIG

... well, it had to come, sooner or later: another of those infamous Gaga posts. While I've recently been going on about Kylie and Britney on KaltePlatte.com, I thought that Lady Gaga should make her appearance on ParisVienne.com - for obvious reasons (first things first). 

So let's take a look at "G.U.Y.", Gaga's latest video which was shot in Hearst Castle in California (what a great setting THAT is). And you know what? When I was in Cali and we were travelling from San Francisco to Los Angeles, we arrived too late that day to visit Hearst Castle - so I only know it from hearsay and official images. 

When I watched Gaga's "artpop" video, I was pretty sure that the location had to be the Hearst place even though I thought it could also have been Gianni Versace's villa in Miami, which was recently up for sale (and will be turned into a hotel, is that right or am I mistaken? I was right of course, only that it ALREADY IS a hotel, apparently).

And why did I even think that it could also have been the Versace mansion? Because it seems like Gaga is now set on impersonating Donatella and sporting Versace looks in everyhting she does. Now of course she is the reigning celebrity testimonial #01 for the Versace fashion brand, but I wonder whether Versace also acted as sponsor for this artpoppy little film.

So again, I will have to ask the question, where do music videos (or artpop films) stop and where do commercials start..? 

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