... of course it's NOT always Christmas time in SF (and I would hardly be able to tell, would I?) but when I recently went through some pictures I'd taken during my summer vacation (shortly before a first and not so timid selection of gingerbread cookies hid Viennese supermarket shelves in mid-August by the way...) what resurfaced was this very bizarre yet somehow intriguing installation of silver tubes and wig and necklaces and disco balls and a mannequin, and so I thought to myself that the time had finally come to post it on my blog. And since I'd just watched the most peculiar and essentially 1990s video to "Push the Feeling On" by Nightcrawlers that same day, I went on thinking that I could post the two of them togethe to create an even more, uhm "metallic" overall effect (the background photo booth!!!). So here you go, then ...

a wonderfully puzzling music video, don't you think
(must have been quite cheap in the making, too...)

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