don't forget: "never smile with your teeth closed !",
stay bright Ikea's "vännerna" cushion

... hello darlings. You know what, the other day I had the new Ikea catalogue lying on my doormat. And when I spotted the VÄNNERNA cushion I had this sudden vision of the design classic "Bocca" sofa (designed by Turinese Studio 65 quoting an original design by surrealist artist Salvador Dalí) being covered with heaps and heaps of these teethy smiling pillows. Wouldn't that be just absolutely ghastly and tasteless? Definitely so! (But still...) As for "ouistiti sexe" - a dear Parisian friend of mine taught me that this is what you're supposed to say for a fabulous photo smile in French ...

"Bocca" was designed in 1971 by Studio 65,
an hommage to Salvador Dalí's "Mae West" sofa 

... bonjour, les chouchous ! L'autre jour, les Suédois (ceux du mobilier, bien entendu...) m'ont envoyé la version actuelle de leur catalogue. Quand j'ai vu le coussin VÄNNERNA (je pense que cela veut dire "les amis", en effet - et croyez-moi car je viens de lire "Män som hatar kvinnor" à la plage...), j'ai eu cette vision soudaine du sofa "Bocca" (un dessin datant de 1971, conçu par le studio turinois "Studio 65" comme hommage au sofa "Mae West" créé par Salvador Dalí) couvert par des douzaines et centaines de bouches souriantes. Ce serait affreux, non ? Mais n'oubliez jamais : NEVER SMILE WITH YOUR TEETH CLOSED ... 

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