... the dear boys from superated will soon launch their shop venture called SAMSTAG and increase the fashionability of Vienna's 5th district.

As I live very close to the shop venue, I stopped on my way home and took some images of the façade as it looks today.

I guess that after the official shop opening the windows will become transparent, but the shopfront is hopefully going to stay the way it is now.

Samstag (German for Saturday) will only open on Fridays ans Saturdays, and the 8th of May will be the first day in service - WEEKEND SHOPPING HERE WE COME!

I'm much looking forward to rummaging through the collections on sale, among them superated, House of the Very Island's, Baiba Ripa and Hartmann Nordenholz.

Thank God it's Saturday...

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Fr.Jona&son a dit…

super schön! da muß ich auch hin!
vielleicht sehen wir uns da- und ein wenig länger als für 5 minuten.